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margaret-pressleyMargaret Pressley is honored to be the Artistic Director of Seattle’s Dorothy Richard Starling Violin Scholar Program. She is the recipient of a grant that has funded her studio from 2002 to the present. The grant supports her quest to train talented violinists for future careers as professional violinists. Toward this endeavor, the Dorothy Richard Starling Foundation provides scholarships that include:

30 Private Two Hour Lessons with Margaret Pressley
Full tuition to Seattle Conservatory of Music’s Academic Classes, Collegiate/Performance Preparation Program and the newly created Starling Scholar Chamber Orchestra.
Partial scholarships toward performance travel expenses
Partial scholarships toward accompanist stipends
Ms. Pressley annually selects students to become Seattle Starling Violin Scholars. A student must have studied privately with her for at least one year, and must be considered seriously qualified as a violinist to be eligible.

For information regarding Pressley Studio Violin Lessons, call 206.632.6715 and e-mail

The Pressley Violin Studio is the recipient of a three-year grant, 2002-2005, from the Dorothy Richard Starling Violin Foundation. This award provides violin scholarships for students to study privately with Margaret Pressley. The award also supports full tuition for music academic classes at Seattle Conservatory of Music, and participation in the Seattle Conservatory of Music Starling Scholar’s first self-directed chamber orchestra under the guidance of Ms. Pressley. This chamber orchestra will rehearse, be conducted by and feature Starling Violin Scholars as soloists. The scholarship also includes partial support towards performance travel expenses and accompanist stipends during the course of Seattle Conservatory of Music’s school year.

These coveted scholarships are based solely on merit. Starling Violin Scholars represent the Dorothy Richard Starling Violin Foundation, the Seattle Conservatory of Music and the Pressley Violin Studio as ambassadors of musical goodwill.